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Assignment 3 The Case Study ABC Company has 50,000 employees and wants to increase employee productivity by setting up an internal software applications training program. The training program will teach employees how to use Microsoft software programs such as Vista, Word 2010, Excel 2010,PowerPoint 2010, Access 2010, and Project 2010. Courses will be offered in the evenings and on Saturdays and taught by qualified volunteer employees. Instructors will be paid $40 per hour. In the past, employees were sent to courses offered by local vendors during company time. In contrast, this internal training program should save the company money on training as well as make people more productive. The Human Resources department will manage the program, and any employee can take the courses. Employees will receive a certificate for completing courses, and a copy will be put in their personnel files. The company is not sure which vendor s off-the-shelf training materials to use. The company needs to set up a training classroom,survey employees on desired courses, find qualified volunteer instructors, and start offering courses. The company wants to offer the first courses within six months. One person from Human Resources is assigned full time to manage this project, and top management has pledged its support. a. Assume that you have four people from various departments available part time to support the full-time Human Resources person, Terry, on the project. Assume that Terry s hourly rate is $40. Two people from the Information Technology department will each spend up to 25% of their time supporting the project. Their hourly rate is $50. One person from the Marketing department is available 25%of the time at $40 per hour, and one person from Corporate is available 30% of the time at $35 per hour. Enter this information about time and hourly wages into the Resource Sheet. Assume that the cost to build the two classrooms will be$100,000, and enter it as a fixed cost. b. Using your best judgment, assign resources to the tasks. c. View the Resource Graphs for each person. If anyone is over allocated, make adjustments. d. Print the budget report for the project. Assignment 4 Using the same case from the previous assignment: a. Assume that the Marketing person will be unavailable for one week, two months into the project, and for another week, four months into the project. Make adjustments to accommodate this unavailability so the schedule does not slip and costs do not change. Document the changes from the original plan and the new plan. b. Add to each resource a 5% raise that starts three months into the project. Print a new budget report.

ABC Company Case AnalysisYou have been hired by ABC Co. to assess their current fnancial situaTon and oFer suggesTons ±or potenTal expansion. ABC has been in business ±or 6 years and has grown ±rom a sole proprietor to its current status. ²he business is in a growing industry and sells accessories ±or technology items. Sales have been steadily growing and this is something that Jane, the owner, is very happy about. Jane’s area o± experTse is markeTng and operaTons and she hired you to get an outsiders perspecTve onthe current posiTon o± her business and to see i± her young employees have been keeping the books accurately, as well as guiding her appropriately ±rom a fnancial perspecTve. She does have long range plans ±or the business and part o± her plan requires external fnancing. As part o± her plan, she is thinkingabout expansion. In your meeTng with her, she starts throwing out names and numbers o± accounts and hands you severaldocuments. You collect the notes and jot down all the in±ormaTon she is verbally telling you, so as not tomiss any important ±acts. You know the frst step you will take is to prepare fnancial statements in order to establish her current situaTon. But to give her advice ±or the ±uture o± her business, you know an analysis o± the statements will also be required. Janes emphasizes that all the in±ormaTon you are about to receive is ±or the most recent fscal year which ended on December 31st. She tells you taxes were 27% o± pre-tax proft o± which $9,000 is sTll owed. She explains there is $102,000 in common stock and she recently paid a dividend o± $8,350. She tells you she has a mortgage loan with the long term porTon outstanding o± $142,800. ²he current porTon ±or this period was $14,600. She provides you with a document that lists beginning o± the year inventory at $66,780. ²he document also details several expenses that were incurred throughout the year including uTliTes at $5,440, depreciaTon on building and equipment o± $18,600, adverTsing o± $14,200, and interest expense o± $3,100. ²he business currently holds $49,000 in other investments that may be sold or turned into depreciable assets in the ±uture. Jane has a smile when she in±orms you that sales have grown over 12% ±rom the previous year and she expects similar growth ±or the ±ollowing year. Her current year sales are $958,337. O± course her purchases are a major expense ±or her business and she spent $833,900 to support her encouraging sales fgures and $146,300 o± this amount is sTll owed to her suppliers. ²he owner lets you know that she also has a notes payable o± $48,000.Jane provides you will copies o± documents showing that she paid $369,400 ±or her property. You see that the land was listed at $109,300, and the building and equipment was listed at $232,600 on the document. ²he owner states that she does allow some o± her business customers to get items on credit, causing current, end o± year accounts receivables o± $64,200.

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